FlyerTalk Thread

Advanced Passenger Counts If any of these values are greater than zero, the below "passengers" value will be ignored.
Additionally, the prices may be lower for non-adults, but only the adult price will be displayed in the results.
Alerts will currently be based on the number of seats required (excluding lap infants), and searched as adults.
Adults (16+)
Youth (12-15)
Child (2-11)
Infant (on lap)
Infant (in seat)

(comma separated like "2023-08-10,2023-08-11", colon separated for ranges like "2023-08-10:2023-08-20", or a combination like "2023-08-10:2023-08-20,2023-08-23")

(comma separated like "9,10,11,12", maximum 45)
Booking Link Options (eventually this will be saved to your account)